Aug 6, 2017

Certified Positive Bible Tab Stickers

Certified Positive's Bible Tab Stickers, a first in the Philippines, made its way to our home and into our hardcopy KJV Bibles. We've been using their prayer journal and planner for the past 2 years, so my mom purchased a set for her own Bible a couple of months back, to try out this product as well. She knew it would be a bit time consuming to stick all 66 bible tabs one each book but after that it's done and you'll be reaping the rewards after.

Certified Positive released new designs of Bible Tab Stickers recently which included a Guide that wasn't in the package of the earlier version my mom purchased from their website. This addition was a great one, and really made attaching the tabs far easier than before.

As you can see, I chose the plain Purple tab sticker design for the KJV Bible that was once my dad's, which he handed down to me for my studies this year. Other than the Bible tab stickers, you'll only need a pencil for marking the areas where to put the stickers in each book and you're set. Just make sure to read and follow the instructions provided.

Doesn't my Bible look better now with those tabs sticking out? It's quicker to find a specific book too now that they are there! I don't have to take trips to the Table of Contents like I usually do anymore! More time for reading and less time searching indeed!

Thanks Certified Positive for the Bible Tab Stickers! God bless po.

Get yours now!

Jul 8, 2017

Books For Less Warehouse Sale | 2017

Calling all bookworms like myself! Mark your calendars this August for Books for Less warehouse sale this year!

WHAT: Books For Less Warehouse Sale
WHEN: Aug 1-31, 2017 (Except Mondays: 7, 14, 21 & 28)
WHERE: 643 Frankfurt St. Mercedes Avenue San Miguel, Pasig (in front of La Consolacion College)
TIME: 9AM to 6PM

LAND MARKS: in Order
EAST RAYA GARDEN (left side)


  • Don't forget to bring eco-bags
  • Dress in comfortable and light clothes for the heat, remember it's a warehouse
  • Not all books are in mint condition, inspect each of them, manage your expectations
  • Bring water to keep hydrated

Thousands of books for only P20.00 each are waiting for us! Don't miss out on this great book deal! Save the date and don't be late!


Jun 30, 2017

Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street Turns 10 | Anniversary SALE

Book sale ALERT! Join Fully Booked as they celebrate 10 years of bringing books and booklovers together at their branch in Bonifacio High Street! Find great reads in their Atrium Sale for as low as Php50 from July 1-31, 2017, and make sure to stay tuned for more anniversary fun coming our way soon!


#ReadOutLoudChallenge Accepted | National Book Store

I finally squeezed in some time to do record a video for National Book Store's #ReadOutLoud Challenge! You see, I have 3 younger siblings who are always noisy, and there isn't a place in our house where you can't hear them when they are all awake haha. I had to do it fast because I knew they were going to come knocking on my bedroom door soon after they realize I'm gone, so here it is! My first of hopefully many more videos to help build libraries nationwide!

So there you go! Of course, I didn't show my face as usual, I never have, if you'd like to know why, then ask my parents haha. Looking forward to reading more excerpts from my long list of favorite books for the #ReadOutLoudChallenge, don't forget to post your own videos on social media as well, here's how:

Apr 5, 2017

National Book Store's #ProjectAral Year 9

Education is one of the greatest treasures our parents can give us. But, not every Filipino kid has the privilege of receiving good quality education, or even has access to the most basic of school supplies.

We now have a chance to help thousands of Filipino children through National Book Store Foundation Inc.’s Project Aral, which is on its 9th year! It is the first time I've heard of this great advocacy!

We may still donate for as low as P25 by purchasing a kit which contains 2 notebooks, 2 pencils, a sharpener, and an eraser. However, there is a new option this year which is a P50 kit, this one contains 2 notebooks, 2 pencils, a sharpener, an eraser, and a pair of slippers! These will be great for the kids who currently walk barefoot all the way to school!

You may find the Project Aral kits in NBS branches nationwide. Every kit you purchase and donate will go a long way for the kids who will receive them, that's for sure.

Apart from Project Aral, you can also help set up 100 school libraries through the #ReadOutLoudChallenge. Learn more about it here.

Follow National Book Store on social media – @nbsalert on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. 


Mar 27, 2017

National Book Store's #ReadOutLoudChallenge

The love for reading has been at the core of National Book Store’s advocacy for the past 75 years. Now, they’re inviting every single one of us to share and support this love with the #ReadOutLoudChallenge!

Here’s how to do it:

1. Pick your favorite line from any book.
2. Take a video of yourself reading it out loud. Upload it on Facebook and / or Instagram.
3. Post a video of yourself reading an excerpt from your favorite book with the caption: #ReadOutLoudChallenge accepted! Reading out loud my favorite lines from my favorite book ____________ by___________ to spread the love for reading and to support @nbsalert. Now, I challenge @name1, @name2, @name3 to do the same.
**Don't forget to tag at least three people to do the challenge after you :)


For every 75 videos uploaded, the National Book Store Foundation will set up 1 school library in a community here in the Philippines until the goal of 7,500 videos or 100 school libraries is reached! That’s 100 new school libraries for thousands of Filipino children. Filled with quality books, these will nurture their mind, inspire their creativity, and support their education. These libraries can provide hundreds of opportunities for fostering literacy and learning among Filipino children in various communities nationwide. Help us build a stronger reading culture in the country.

While the NBS Foundation regularly builds and sets up libraries for thousands of students, this campaign isn’t just meant for them  – it also serves to remind everyone on social media about the power and importance of reading. Let's help promote the love for reading, while building libraries!


Feb 23, 2017

The BFG | Book vs Film

Hey, everyone! My mom got me a copy of Roald Dahl's The BFG. And I've also watched the new movie based on it. Now I will share with you the similarities and the differences between them.

Of course, the main scenes and events are similar and, uh, I don't like using grown-up, ever-so-complicated words, because I'm NOT a grown-up so I'm not gonna use them. Okay, anyway, the first difference is how the bad giants ended up in the end of the story. In the book, the terribly ugly giants were placed in a terribly deep pit and were doomed to eat terribly disgusting snozzcumbers for the rest of their life. But in the movie, the terribly ugly giants were thrown into a terribly deserted island, and were doomed to eat terribly disgusting snozzcumber seeds for the rest of their life. I also noticed that in the book, there was no frobscottle at the Queen's, so the BFG whizzpopped, or farted on his own. But in the movie, he brought a bottle with him, and gave some to the others. So, everyone else whizzpopped too. Also how the end ended. In the book, Sophie teaches the BFG how to read, write, and speak properly. But in the movie, that didn't happen.

I hope you liked this! And HAPPY READING!

Feb 22, 2017

How to Get Rid of Lice

Hey, everyone! Sorry it's been quite a while, but I was a bit busy doing tests and everything. So, I don't know about you, but I think that every Filipino kid has experienced having lice in their hair. I had mine last year. And let me tell you, it was horrible. My scalp was itchy, and it was annoying that my hair looked like a Christmas tree with white lice eggs hanging from every single strand of hair. And I kept feeling the lice walking around.

So it happened like this: I was ice skating for my first time, but unfortunately, the helmet I rented had nits on it, which, of course, went to my hair. My mom tried many ways to get rid of them, like putting vinegar on my hair (very uncomfortable), and picking it, and then getting this nit remover comb. The problem is, none of them worked for the eggs that haven't hatched, and I kept breaking the comb's teeth. Then, my mom bought a 2 new nit remover combs from a neighbor who was fortunately, selling them for 100 pesos each.

We tried it on me, and it really works! It even takes out the eggs, and the teeth are made of metal, so they don't break! And they even take out dust in my hair. It took out my lice in just a matter of days. And the eggs, hatched or not. So now, instead of looking like a Christmas tree, with white lice eggs for ornaments, you can hardly see any eggs at all.

The Captain Underpants Series

Hey everybody! Miss Artsy here. So, as you all know, I love books. And most kids like myself, like books with funny things. And most kids like books with superheroes as well. Well, there's a book series in my library that has both of those things: Captain Underpants!

The Captain Underpants series is about two boys named George and Harold, who love to pull pranks and make comic books. They even started Tree House, a publishing empire. Their latest is The Adventures of Captain Underpants. Their principal, Mr. Krupp, is the meanest principal in history of George and Harold's school. One day, George got a hypnotism ring and hypnotized Mr. Krupp. They turned him into Captain Underpants. But it didn't turn out the way they wanted to.  Mr. Krupp, or should I say, Captain Underpants, got the boys into all sorts of trouble where they had to save him, as well as the entire world! And the only way George and Harold could de-hypnotize him was to pour water on his head. Now for some strange reason, whenever Mr. Krupp hears the sound of fingers snapping... He turns back into You-Know-Who!

So, yeah. That's the story of Captain Underpants. I hope you liked this article, and I'll see you soon! Tra-La-Laaa!